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Environmentally friendly residential elevators with minimal construction required


  • No pit excavation, hoist way, or machine room needed.

  • One to two day installation

  • Ideal for both existing and new homes because of the minimal space needed to accommodate the air-driven residential elevator

  • Absolute safety in the case of a power failure as the car will automatically descend to the bottom floor and the electro-mechanical door will open to let a passenger out

  • Cost-effective home elevator installation

  • Self-supporting structure of the cylinder (PVE's residential elevators may rest on any new or existing ground floor).

  • Eco-Friendly Elevator - no energy is used during descent since gravity is used instead for this environmentally friendly home lift.

  • Fully transparent, panoramic views with no cables or pistons to block vision.

  • Electric circuits within the cabin are only 24 volts, which eliminates the risk of electric shock on a residential lift.

  • Minimal maintenance - no lubrication is required for the home elevator and scheduled service call is only needed about every five years or 15,000 lifts for replacement of the main seal.

  • Starting and stopping actions are extremely smooth.